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Gail Story is a professional, caring business owner. Her excellence is delivered through her client centered, well educated and dedicated company, dGv Services. Her success and professionalism with her clients is unmatched by anything and her reimbursement delivery is superior. I would strongly recommend her to any medical practice seeking to expand their bottom line.”

“I have been in psychiatric practice for nine years; and have employed three medical billing services, during that time. I can honestly say, that I would give, “dGv (medical billing) Services” (Owner-Gail Story); my highest recommendation. What's the difference? All service providers were competent; however, Gail takes a “personal” interest in tailoring services to your specific practice needs. If I could choose one quality which makes dGv stand-out (above the others), it would be integrity. As she honestly wants to provide the best service for your practices' needs. (Ie. She respects the “relationship” formed with the provider, and does not employ the credo (a prior service used); “That it's all just business”). As in healthcare, it's not “all just business”. It's the “relationship”, which she respects; and thus I give my highest recommendation.”

“I accidentally found dGv Services (a medical billing company and member of MRG). I walked in and interviewed Gail Story and knew immediately that she was the right fit for our company's needs. Months later, I have not been disappointed. She strives to provide services that go beyond good customer service; Gail and her staff are attentive to detail, go the extra mile to provide the best services, knowledgeable in their area of expertise, and simply a pleasure to work with. I feel secure that our company is getting unrivaled services found in Kentuckiana.”

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